Oh Snap! If you do not speak Spanish (and you leave in L.A.) do not panic! You can learn with us HERE .

After all this is “LOS ANGELES” (not “The Angels” – get it?).

But jokes aside, let us tell you a little bit who we are.

We have been involved in the field of education for over 20 years in a very passionate effort to improve people’s lives, business and careers. And we have done it, we feel, very successfully.

We are licensed under Applied Scholastics Int., an global network of educational centers functioning through more than 760 affiliates to the benefit of some 100,000 educators and 28 million students. It serves every conceivable educational arena—public and private K–12 schools, community-based learning programs, state and local government education agencies, professional training, tutoring centers—across some 70 nations of the world.

We have focused on adults education and training and we have catered to celebrities, businesses, actors, artists, families and young adults with a desire to learn and improve their overall potential both personally and career-wise.

We have delivered different types of programs and are always adding new ones.

We suggest you sign-up for any list/s that you may be interested in so that we can let you know about new classes and/or new groups forming BOTH IN OUR CENTER/s and BY INTERNET (Live in a far away land? We got you covered!)

1- THIS IS THE GENERAL LIST – Use this to receive general type news on all programs SIGN-UP 


3- BUSINESS/CAREER solutions for owners and employees: improve productivity and income! Get help in choosing the right staff! SIGN-UP 

4- ACTOR/ARTIST programs – Increase YOUR success potential! SIGN-UP

5- STUDENT REMEDY PROGRAMS – Special programs for students (Ages: 16-Adults) to improve grades and learning skills and overcome learning barriers   SIGN-UP


 Did you not find what you were looking for?

Anything else you need?

Drop us a note using the form below so you can ask any questions

you may have on any area you may need help with.

Asking does not cost and answering either.

Classes. Schedule and fees subject to change without notice

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